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Bare Naked Bakery was founded by Bridget Brennan, shortly after her sister was diagnosed with Crohns disease. For years her sister traveled across the state to different doctors in hopes of some relief from her, then undiagnosed, Crohns and not one of the doctors ever mentioned removing gluten to help her symptoms. It was a long road for her sister, but when she finally made the decision to eliminate the gluten from her diet the improvement was night and day. Yet to Bridget's amazement and dismay no doctors told her sister about the powerful tool of removing gluten from her diet and the positive impact it would have on her health. 

Infused with passion and a mission, Bridget started a small bakery at her mom's farm on Long Island in early 2008 and is committed to procuring the same farm fresh, high quality ingredients still used today. This is how New York's first 100% gluten and nut free bakery was born and has grown into the operation it is today. Bare Naked Bakery is dedicated to providing superior gluten free food without compromising the taste, texture, quality and size of the products. The products are so delicious and the consistency is so close to the "real thing" that even people who don’t "need" to eat gluten free love them.

Maintaining a safe facility for guests, especially kids, to enjoy the foods they miss the most without worry is the primary purpose of Bare Naked Bakery. Proper packing and preparation are vital to every product created to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.

To the regulars it's known as the "Disney World for celiacs"!

A Message from the Founder...

I've always had a true respect for the power of nutrition. Watching my sister suffer for years, while making herself sicker because of what she was eating, appalled me and made me want to help others who may be in the same boat.  

We encourage our guests not to wait for a "diagnosis" before taking their health into their own hands. You may never get that "diagnosis" from your doctor or it could take years before a "good" doctor steers you in the right direction. Don't let that happen to you.

Our mission is to help people with food restrictions have a normal and delicious experience, especially kids. We not only make you the most amazing gluten free food around but we will help you get the answers and support you need to stay on track. 

With heartfelt gratitude,
Bridget Brennan

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Bridget Brennan

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