Holiday Sugar Cookies

Special Order Item

Celebrate every occasion with our festive sugar cookies. Made in different festive shapes and colors to reflect each holiday.
​​​​​​Chocolate Chip Cookies

#Top Seller

Perfect blend of chewy and gooey. Our version of this classic is often preferred over the "real" thing.
Sugar Cookies

#Kid Favorite

Our sweet and soft, sprinkled sugar cookies are perfect for kids or for the kid in you.
Black & White Cookie

#Customer Favorite

Whats black and white and craved all over? These cookies are a tried and true favorite.
​​​​Chocolate Chip
Cookie Pie

Special Order Item

Celebrate someone special with their favorite chocolate chip cookie pie. Customize with writing and frosting.
​​​​​Chocolate Chip
Cookie Sandwich
Whats better than a chocolate chip cookie with frosting?... Two chocolate chip cookies!  Can be made with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.


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Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip​

#Madison Square Garden Favorite

Packed with creamy white chocolate chips, dried cranberries  and blended with organic old fashioned oats. 
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             Dairy Free

             Contains Dairy

​​​​Chocolate Chip Cookies


All the taste but half the sugar. Just as chewy gooey and delicious.
Sold in packs of 8.