Holiday Breads 
Special Order Item
Complete your holiday menu. Irish Soda Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Corn Bread.

Multi Grain Bread
Healthy and tasty. Great for sandwiches and amazing French Toast.

​​​​Mock "Rye" Bread
Incredible authentic "rye" taste. 
Great for a classic Rueben sandwich.
Dinner Rolls 
Special Order Item
The perfect compliment to any dish. Available multi-grain or plain.

Hot Dog Buns 
Special Order Item
Great for outdoor grilling or indoor lobster rolls.
Sandwich Rolls
Very light and hearty. Great for hamburger buns, breakfast sandwiches, or toasted with butter. 

​​Sandwich Bread
#1 Best Seller
Light, fluffy yet stable and sturdy. Best all around bread.


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             Dairy Free

             Contains Dairy

Baguette Bread
Very light yet tasty and hearty. Perfect for a hero, garlic bread or dipping.

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Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Sweet with just enough spice. Great toasted with cream cheese and
Banana Bread
Sweet bread with a wholesome taste. Enjoy for breakfast or mid-day snack.
Extremely light and moist. Similar to an "English muffin". Ideal for veggie burgers.